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The very best possible vision and ocular health depends on regular eye examinations and correct aftercare procedure for both contact lens and glasses.


Our experienced team of optometrists have access to the most advanced diagnostic equipment and we passionately believe that comprehensive eyecare should be accessible to all.


Your eye health will be thoroughly checked for early signs of eye disease or abnormalities


A variety of tests will be carried out at to ascertain if a visual correction is needed.


Your eye health will be thoroughly checked for any early signs of eye disease or abnormalities like Glaucoma, AMD (Macular Degeneration), Diabetic Eye Disease, Hypertension or Dry eyes. Additional tests, for example a Visual Field Test or OCT may also be advised.

Eye Exam Room
Man having an eye exam


We recommend an OCT at each visit so that a digital image of the back of your eye can be taken and recorded. This provides us with historic data that can monitor the health of your eyes and helps us to check for any early signs of concern or disease.

An OCT uses light waves to take multiple scans of the retina and the nerve supply to the eye. This provides us with a cross-section or 3D view of the retina, allowing us to detect tiny abnormalities.

A comprehensive report is provided, with photographs and detailed measurements. Subsequent scans can be compared to monitor for any changes. It is used for monitoring many conditions e.g. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy.


Drops may be used to dilate your pupils. A scan of your eye is taken, without touching your eye. This process is much like having a photo of your eye taken.

Eye Exam Test Results
OCT Scan
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