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Following your eye examination, you will be advised if there is a need for glasses. The type of glasses recommended will vary according to your prescription, your needs and your lifestyle.

A single-vision lens has one prescription throughout the entire lens. They are used in distance glasses or in reading glasses.



Don’t Dim Your World When The Sun Shines
Standard tinted lenses can protect your eyes from harmful rays but can distort how your eyes perceive colour.

Essilor Suntints have an E-SPF 15, meaning eyes protected by the lens will receive 15 times less UV exposure than an unprotected eye.

Available in a range of colours, Suntints have been designed specifically for different needs and activities, so there will be one to suit your lifestyle and requirements.



A real step forward in quality of outdoor vision for all spectacle wearers. In addition to providing protection against the effects of UV light, Polarising lenses give effective protection against the glare caused by reflected sunlight and numerous benefits for greater comfort and safety for driving and activities outdoors.



Varilux gives dynamic clarity and greater comfort whilst providing natural vision near, far and in-between. 

Progressive lenses are corrective lenses suitable for refractive errors like presbyopia (age-related far-sightedness, common in people over the age of 40). The lenses have a gradient of power, which are stronger at one end of the lens than the other. Multifocal lenses help people see clearly across all distances, without the need to switch glasses and are an alternative to bifocals or trifocals.


Eyezen™ lenses are enhanced everyday lenses, designed to reduce eye strain when you’re working or socialising on digital devices.
So you can continue to do what you enjoy with comfortable vision.

  • Enhanced single vision lenses

  • Reduces eye strain / visual fatigue

  • Helps protect from harmful blue light

  • Improves readability of small characters on digital devices



The moment you step outside wearing Transitions lenses you will understand why they are regarded as the number one photochromic lens worldwide. Rapidly adapting to light condition changes, Transitions lenses adapt from clear indoors to fully dark in the brightest sun.

The original Transitions lens introduced people to the balance of wearing one pair of glasses for both outdoors and in. Today, Transitions lenses rapidly filter light with industry leading photochromic dyes whilst blocking 100% UVA/UVB rays.

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